Pebblebee Clip Review: Apple-Like Tracker With Find My, Rechargeable battery, LEDs & a loophole for ($29)

A New Rival On The Block. Will It Outshine The AirTag?

Apple AirTag has a new rival on the block but this one offers multiple designs like Tile and Samsung Galaxy smart tag. It’s Pebblebee, a challenger to worry about because is similar in almost every function — and price — to Apple’s AirTag but has a loophole, a rechargeable battery, LED panels that reveal the current battery level as well as a loud, unique tuneful sound that will help you hear it even in crowded spaces.

The Pebblebee app provides Find My-like capabilities within the Bluetooth range

The Clip works with Apple’s Find My network just like an AirTag. But, the Pebblebee item tracker has a larger battery to power a higher-powered Bluetooth transmitter.

The rechargeable battery is rated for six months on a single charge, unlike AirTag which works for a whole year. The battery of Pebblebee sports a built-in USB-C jack and includes a short USB-C to Type-A cable.

Pebblebee Card and Clip both let you track your belongings through either Find My or the Pebblebee app. If you opt to use Find My, you won’t need to bother with the Pebblebee app. You can also request Find My to notify you when it’s left behind at certain locations, much like you do with AirTags. So, yup, you can still use Apple’s Find My to make sure you never lose track of your irreplaceable luggage again.

A tiny gadget the size of a 10-pence piece comes with an attractive matte black finish and a snap-on metal keyring

The Clip is designed for people who are always on the go. Its snap-on metal keyring easily connects to keys, camera cases, bicycles, luggage, and more. The black finish on its plastic center and metal frame with adequate concavity around its center on both sides as well as a loop makes it an awesome alternative to Apple AirTag – at least from a design perspective.

Outshines Apple’s AirTag tracker in most important regards except for weight

The clip features curved LED panels on two edges that reveal the current battery level when you hold down its logo button for about four seconds. The LEDs also blick when you trigger the device to produce a sound. It can also light up when it crosses any of the Apple triggers for potentially unwanted tracking.

Thanks to the loud, unique tuneful sound it omits we can now find something in the dark, a loud environment, or if you are hard of hearing – something that I wished AirTag could improve.

A Fierce Competitor To AirTag Or Just A Fancy Gadget?

As opposed to AirTag, the Pebblebee Clip’s higher-powered radio seems to let it provide better-ranging information than an AirTag, making it useful even over shorter distances. Apple has not provided any support documentation about the range at which an AirTag works while the Clip has a 500-foot (150m) range.

Well, if you need an AirTag alternative that’s lighter, works with Find My, and has a replaceable battery, consider the Chipolo ONE spot, unless you absolutely adore proximity finding. In that case, AirTag is the option to go with.

I love the fact that Pebblebee is unique among third-party Find My items so far. The wallet-sized Card with either Find or Pebblebee app is a sweet spot for both OS users.

Wondering, “Airtag vs Pebblebee which is better for pets”. Well, Pebblebee Clip is the best tracking tag for Android for its loud sound, better tracker design, and greater range. Hence, it will be a great option for dogs or cats.

Final Thoughts: Airtag vs Pebblebee which is better?

The Pebblebee Clip offers almost every feature you would expect in a higher-end Bluetooth item tracker. A rechargeable battery, visual alerts, Find My compatibility, and a useful case design make it an excellent first choice for everyone in the first place. However, if you really want Precision Finding, then the AirTag item tracker is the way forward. For those who just want a Find My tracker with a robust case design, I think Pebblebee is a good rival on the block that will be a hit for your buck.

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