Brace Up for iOS 18’s New Emoticons that include face with eye bags, fingerprint, harp, shovel, and More!

Baggy eyes will quickly make its way into everyone's rotation

iOS 18 is set to bring a batch of seven new emoji to the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices. Next Emoji coming to iOS could include Face with Eye Bags, shovel, fingerprint, splatter and more.

iOS 18’s new emoji will finally provide a more nuanced way to convey the exhaustion you feel

The “face with bags under eyes” emoji, for instance, resonates with many people’s experiences of tiredness and exhaustion.

It makes us feel truly seen!

New emoji characters up for approval

On its website, the Unicode Consortium (a non-profit organization that decides which emoji make it onto people’s phones) posted some samples of the next batch of emoji that could come to iOS and Android soon.

Here is the full list of new emoji expected to come to iOS 18:

  • face with bags under eyes
  • fingerprint
  • leafless tree
  • root vegetable
  • harp
  • shovel
  • splatter

The barren tree symbolizes desolation or a dormant phase, and the shovel can represent hard work or digging through difficulties.

This collection resonates with the everyday struggles many people face, adding depth and relatability to conversations.

Timeline of emoji being available to us

The Unicode Consortium opened its beta review period for Unicode 16, which includes the all-new emojis coming with iOS 18 and Android 15.

The beta lasts until July 2. Per BGR, the new iOS 18 emojis should be available with iOS 18.4. which should come in early 2025.