[AirTag vs Chipolo] – Chipolo One Spot Is A Better Tradeoff For Anyone Creeped Out By AirTags

Find My adds a ton of perks to Chipolo One Spot. But, can it continually rise under the canopy of Find My? Will iPhone users completely embrace Chipolo as AirTag Alternative? Find it out in this easy-to-read guide!

Not a day goes by that I don’t misplace any of my everyday essentials, not because I like using the item tracker every second, but because I am absent-minded. Keys are the one thing I hate finding and whether it’s AirTag, Tile or Chipolo it’s attached to, I ruin my whole day before even saying hello to my office mates. And, this happens every other day. At worst, I even left my wallet which hid cash, my ID card, and two other things at a coffee shop down the street. (Yeas! I know I am scatterbrained)

Given my dismal track record, I bought myself AirTags, and quite recently $28 Chipolo One spot, the only real AirTag alternative with one big advantage – its integration with Apple’s Find My network. But, does that mean that Chipolo works the same as AirTag?

When it comes to locating your misplaced items, both Bluetooth trackers easily get the job done while still sporting their own strengths and weaknesses. However, there is quite a confusion as to Which is better Chipolo or AirTag? In fact, many people drift to Reddit to ask Is there anything better than Apple AirTag? So, this guide is exclusively for you and your queries like Is Chipolo as good as AirTag? We’ll also likewise, cover Chipolo One Spot review in this battle of the two best Bluetooth trackers.

Given both item trackers’ comparable tech and similar price tags, it can be painstaking to determine which Bluetooth tracker best suits your needs and lifestyle. Thankfully, we’ve spent the last quarter of the last year intentionally mislaying our gadgets and belongings to put notably the best Bluetooth items trackers through the paces. Here’s what we have to say about each of them.

Note: When we did AirTag vs SmartTag neck-to-neck comparison, we were drawn back with our decision because both trackers required different ecosystems and it felt a little biased to me taking a decision, but I did – somehow. I would surely love your decision on it. Make the comment section a place for me to learn about your opinions!

Apple AirTag vs Chipolo One Spot: AirTag wins when it comes to finding your gear

If you want the most precise directions to your lost items, both trackers have you covered, thanks to Find My network on both Bluetooth trackers. The Find My makes it incredibly easy to set up both devices in Apple’s native Find My app. It will ping your iPhone to help you see your tracked item’s last known location on a map.

This network of hundreds of millions of iPhone owners means that if an iPhone user comes within the Bluetooth range, you’ll be updated about your AirTag or Chipolo One Spot’s location.

But, there is a catch. The Apple AirTag Bluetooth item tracker slightly edges out the Chipolo One Spot with its Precision Finding feature. Because Apple Tracker uses its U1 ultra-wideband chip, its tracker offers even more precise directions as you approach your lost item.

Contrary to Chi polo’s One Spot, where you follow the sound of the ping once in range, you can use Siri-assisted help to bring you right on spot to your lost item. If you hate hunting around a bit once you get a rough ballpark of where the item is, the AirTag’s more precise directions are hard to beat.

AirTag is for you if you want to show off Apple’s fashionable style

If you want to exhibit a shiny, metallic finish and its ubiquitous logo, the aesthetically pleasing AirTag is for you. And if you’re the style-savvy type, you’ll also appreciate shopping the growing market of AirTag accessories, from leather key rings and luggage tags to wallets specifically designed to carry the tracker.

You don’t need to buy accessories for One Spot to make them immediately useful

The One Spot’s subtle design makes it economical for keys because it has a dang hole in it already. You don’t need to pay for the privilege of accessorizing your item tracker. The fact that you do not need flashy accessories to make it useful makes Chipolo a better choice. With a little bit of DIY, you can use the hole to attach the tracker to just about anything, from a dog collar to a backpack. It’s also a lot easier to slide in your wallet because AirTags are too round, too thick, too bulgy, and fall out easily.

One Spot is for you if you don’t want to be the center of attention

The poker chip-like tracker is well designed key tracker. Yes, the tiny hole is kind of a game changer because it resists the idea of ponying up for an extra accessory. Its simple and useful design does not really draw attention which is good for some people.

So, which is the one?

Both trackers utilize Apple’s Find My network and both are similarly priced. In terms of tech, the AirTag edges out One Spot with its Precision Finding feature which makes it a great tracking gadget. Both trackers will last out reasonable and survive a drop in the puddle.

The AirTag clearly is more pleasing, premium looking and offers some extra personalization while One Spot looks like a regular item tracker with its cost-effective functional design. This all isn’t to say that One Spot is cheap or flimsy. It’s a well-built item tracker, looks solid, and quite durable and blends well in among a bunch of keys and plastics.

So, Apple AirTag is for people who want Precision Finding and don’t care about spending a bit extra to grab a keychain in case or other type of accessory whatsoever. Chipolo One Spot is for people who want everything within the Apple’s Find My ecosystem, as well as a minimal and a truly functional design. However, its lack of Precision Finding may steer some people away from this incredible item tracker.

If you are not sure which is for you, you can always let your wallet make the final choice. A single AirTag and One Spot comes in at $29 and $28, respectively. But four AirTags will run you $99 versus $90 for a quartet of Chipolo trackers. So, AirTag is a little expensive compared to One Spot especially when you also need to buy add-ons to make it immediately useful.


Q1. How big is the Chipolo compared to the AirTag?

The Chipolo One Spot is 1.49 inches in diameter and 0.25 inches thick, making it slightly larger than the AirTag, but marginally thinner. For reference, Tile is made up of a square with rounded corners, while the AirTag and Chipolo go for a circular appearance.

Q2. Is Chipolo a GPS?

Chipolo is not a GPS tracker, rather it uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone and creates a log of current locations (if in range) or last known locations (if out of range).

Q3. What is the working range of Chipolo?

Chipolo’s Bluetooth range can extend up to 200 ft (60 m) when there is a clear line of sight from the device to the Chipolo. Note that Chipolo works via Bluetooth and Bluetooth is most effective at the 30 ft (10 m) range compared to (the 30-33 feet) Apple AirTags range.

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