The Apple AirTag Is the best luggage-tracking device if your bag goes missing en route

Relieve Your Lost Luggage Anxieties

The tiny, effortless, $29 Apple AirTag hack can relieve our lost luggage anxieties. The smart, capable, and very Apple-y item tracker has essentially served, retrieved, and reunited lovely people to their loved belongings which makes Apple AirTag the best luggage tracker in 2023.

Not alone this, the Apple luggage tracker is super easy to set up, incredibly simple to report missing and fairly small to stash in one of your luggage.

Apple AirTag key finder may probably be the easiest travel hack you’ll ever need. These best key finders for iPhones are primarily attached to your belonging making it easy for you to hunt down the keys – inexplicably left somewhere they shouldn’t be.

For that purpose, the apple luggage tracking device works incredibly well to determine the distance and direction of your lost item. It also uses little haptic taps and visual and audio cues as encouragement that you’re getting inches closer to your lost luggage.

Apple AirTags are the best Luggage Trackers to Track down your lost suitcase

Apple AirTag is the best Bluetooth tracker device for iPhone. In fact, AirTag leverages Apple’s huge network of devices to track down a lost suitcase, and they’re impressively accurate in pinpointing an item’s precise location which makes them the best AirTags for luggage.

Because Apple AirTags work on the “Find My Network”, its location is pinpointed by its proximity to other Apple devices. The more densely populated an area, the faster and more reliable Apple AirTag is going to locate the lost luggage. This generally makes Apple AirTag the best airtags for luggage.

Should I Hide AirTag In my luggage?

The best way to use the Apple AirTag Bluetooth luggage tracking device is to hide it in one of the bag’s interior pockets. You might not want to attach an Apple AirTag to the exterior of a checked airline bag.

Should I Buy An Apple AirTag Luggage Holder?

Apple AirTag Luggage holder is not an essential item. AirTag Luggage Holder ensures that your AirTag Bluetooth clamps the AirTag and ensures that it won’t fall out. However, the AirTag Luggage Holder will cost you around $13 when not on sale.

Either you will have to hide AirTag in the luggage or purchase an Apple AirTag luggage holder separately. I’d rather put the device hidden in the bag so no one hustles to steal it or for a conveyor belt to hoover it up. 

Are AirTags allowed in checked luggage?

A report by CNN states:

The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that having an AirTag in your luggage is permitted and, in fact, not a safety hazard. The devices only contain 0.1 grams of lithium, which falls below the FAA’s limit

Furthermore, Bluetooth luggage tracking devices powered by lithium metal cells that have 0.3 grams or less of lithium can be used on checked baggage, according to FAA statement. Apple AirTag meets this threshold which makes it the best luggage tracker that is legal and allowed in checked luggage during trips. 

Also, The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that having an AirTag in your luggage is permitted and, in fact, not a safety hazard. As a result, AirTags are allowed on planes.

What Makes Apple’s $29 Coin-Sized AirTag the Best Luggage Tracker?  

The question “Is Apple AirTag worth it for luggage” is a mere personal experience. Therefore, we are going to showcase some examples where people from different zones have had trouble receiving their checked luggage from the carousel, endlessly waiting in long queues and failing to retrieve their luggage and carriers, and making it impossible to track their missing checked bag. 

The good part about these shreds of evidence is that all these travellers had tucked their Apple AirTag with their luggage. We are going to see how they reacted soon after their luggage went missing and what they did very next to track down their belongings that were in the airline’s care. 

Will Apple AirTag Tracker fit in Wallet?

If you’re wondering “Does AirTag fit in wallet”, then the answer is a sweet NO. Apple AirTag luggage tracking devices will not fix easily in your wallet. They are just not slim enough to slide into your wallet.

Here Are A Few Passenger’s Strange Tales

Anecdote 1:

A couple discovered that their checked bags hadn’t made the journey home with them from their return from honeymoon. Fortunately, they had their Apple AirTag attached to those house keys which were hidden in the suitcase. 

This accident turned out great as the couple saw the movement of their suitcase on their phone. Gracefully, it had made it as far as London and was sitting in Heathrow Terminal 5. Over further reassurance they witnessed their Apple AirTag moving from London to Edinburgh and then finally across the city to their home. 

Significance of the story:

The couple were fortunate to get their luggage back after only a few days, but many passengers whose suitcases never showed up on the conveyor belt weren’t so lucky. Hence, they vowed to never travel without AirTags again. 

Anecdotal Evidence 2:

Szybala had just landed at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., when the United app notified her that the bag wasn’t on her flight from Chicago. Even though she could track her travelling bag to settle in for the evening at a residential apartment complex, she could still not secure it. After juggling a lot with the representatives, customer support and delivery services, she finally got her hands on her luggage. This story has also been featured on Mashable

Significance of the story:

Travellers should consider using a tracking device in their luggage. Szybala also recommended that travellers photograph or inventory their belongings before flying and that they opt to pick up delayed or lost bags from the airport rather than have them delivered.

Anecdotal Evidence 3:

A family’s summer vacation journey did not go well on the way back when they lost track of their luggage. On the return trip to Los Angeles, they failed to receive their checked bag. However, thanks to the $29 Apple AirTag Bluetooth tracker, the stress of dealing with lost luggage got a lot easier. 

Significance of the story: 

Apple’s $29 Coin-Sized AirTag is the Best Luggage Tracker that lets you use Find My app on your iPhone to locate your lost bag.  

Apple AirTag For Luggage Is A Perfect Travelling Companion To Keep A Track Of your luggage when you fly

We should have one of these best Bluetooth trackers for tracking lost luggage. That way, you can see where your checked bags are throughout your trip even if the airline loses your bag and can’t track it down. 

Though Apple AirTags will not magically bring back your lost luggage during travelling, it still offers us peace of mind and informs our efforts to locate it in a meaningful way. The reassurance that you get whilst looking for location information on our lost belongings is a no bigger bargain when it comes to widely full, travellers, facing long queues, cancellations, massive crowds and plenty of other travel nightmares.

Without the Apple AirTag Bluetooth luggage tracker for iPhone users, our travel experiences could get chaotic, we would’ve been in the dark about where our possessions were and nowhere to solve all the checked luggage problems during flights. Therefore, the Apple AirTag Bluetooth item tracker is the best luggage tracker for iPhone users. 

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