Are Apple’s Bluetooth Tracking Devices Magnetic?

If you are considering buying Apple’s effective location trackers, you might ask yourself “Are Apple AirTags magnetic or Do Apple AirTags have magnets”. In either case, you must know if these coin-sized Bluetooth item trackers have traces of magnets tucked in themselves. 

Are Apple AirTags Magentic?

The disc-shaped Bluetooth tracking Apple AirTag is slightly magnetic. This means that these wireless location trackers have a weak magnet on the white and shiny silver little buttons.

Do Apple AirTags Have Magnets?

According to Apple Support Community, Apple AirTag have a little magnet on the back of an AirTag that stops it from moving around or getting shaken out of a suitcase that hasn’t got any little pocket on the inside. 

Do AirTags Stick to Things?

Apple’s wireless tracking accessory sticks to adhesive-backed Moment mounts. You can stick your Bluetooth key finder onto hard surfaces and even soft fabrics, taking clothing items or bags as examples. It is recommended to hide the airtag securely in the luggage or suitcase or whatever belonging you carry – to prevent advertising that it’s a valuable item.

Do Apple AirTags Stick to Surfaces?

Moment, which makes and sells photo and video accessories for Apple products, will have an enclosure accessory that allows you to mount your AirTag.

“Made from a rugged aramid fibre shell and backed with a super strong adhesive, you can stick an AirTag to any flat surface,” Moment says. 

Are AirTags Magnetic or Sticky?

Apple AirTags are not sticky. They do not have any adhesive on their back. So, you cannot stick them firmly to any surface which makes them weak magnetic metal.

AirTag Magnetic Holder? 

Although AirTags are not sticky, there are many accessories that have adhesive on their back. They are great AirTag Magnetic Holders and you can call them sticky. 

  1. Moment Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags

This is a great way to slip your AirTag into this “hidden” compartment and attach the adhesive back to just about anything. The proprietary adhesive sticks to both fabric and hard surfaces.

  1. Pelican Stick-On AirTag Mount

This AirTag Magnetic Holder sticks onto objects like the underside of a bike seat or scooter. Pelican’s stick-on AirTag Mount is designed to do just that. 

AirTags next to magnets? Our Take

Apple AirTags are not magnetic. They are slightly magnetic. Not by themselves, but you can buy magnetic cases for AirTags. These Apple accessories will help you to put your location-tracking gadgets on a surface firmly. 

In some cases, you’ll be able to slip an Apple AirTag Bluetooth tracking device into a purse or backpack, and some may require AirTag mounts to secure the valuable AirTag key finder and a location tracker. 

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