3 Clever Places to Mount/Hide an Airtag on Your Bike or Motorcycle to Repel Thieves

AirTags on Bikes 🚴 Now that's stealthy!

Bikes are great, but you know what’s not great? People who steal them☹. Bike theft has become shockingly commonplace – studies suggest that nearly half of all active cyclists have had their bike stolen!

To curb bike theft, a decent lock or maybe modern technology is going to be your first line of defence to keep criminals off of your bike or motorcycle. But, you can use a better solution to keep track of your bike – Apple AirTag.

AirTag Bluetooth item tracker is a waterproof and dust-resistant Apple tracker that works with your iPhone and Find My app to help you find lost or misplaced items, like a car, keys, wallet, dog, purse or even luggage. In this article, we’ll see if it is worth stashing on a bike or motorcycle. We’ll also explore new ways you can use to hide an Apple AirTag on your bike to repel thieves.

How will an AirTag stop my bike from being stolen?

AirTag will not completely protect your bike from being stolen. It won’t. Your first line of defense should always be an effective lock when not in use. AirTag trackers are just an add-on accessory to help you recover your bike if it is stolen.

So, everywhere your bike goes, the wireless AirTag will be pinging nearby iPhones. As soon as they detect the Bluetooth signal, these devices or iPhones send the location of your AirTag to iCloud— then you can go to the Find My app and see it on a map. The best part: the whole process is encrypted to protect your privacy.

Aren’t criminals getting wise to AirTags being hidden on bikes, and won’t they be looking for them? Is AirTag Really Worth it on bikes?

Obviously, criminals or bike thieves are getting wise at knowing the places people hide their trackers. But, the thing is, a criminal stealing your bike would not want to get himself attention. In other words, he wouldn’t want to be all obvious and evident around the scene of the crime haphazardly looking for a hidden AirTag.

After all, it could be in one of any number of spots. While it may seem easy to look for AirTag on a bike, some spots require special tools to remove the attached AirTag from a bike. Again, no one would want to lurk around long enough to start stripping the bike.

Could you attach more than one AirTag to a bike?

Yes. Sure. In fact, a criminal might give up after finding one, leaving the other one active on the bike to aid with recovery. You could purchase a pack of four AirTag ($99) and use two of them on your bike.

How do you fit an AirTag onto a bike?

It’s takes nothing to fit an AirTag onto a bike, but it takes everything to think about the best place to hide airtag on a bike. Not sure where do you put the AirTag on a road bike? We’ll show you 3 clever places to mount/hide an Airtag on your bike or motorcycle to repel thieves.

To attach an AirTag to your bike, you’ll need a few basic tools, such as a screwdriver, some zip ties, and a strong adhesive. Once you have these items, you can store an AirTag on a bike using the zip ties, and then secure it with the adhesive for extra protection.

There are several potential places where you could hide your bike tracker. Let’s see which places are best where you can hide tracker motorcycle to save yourself from future trouble.

“Inside the handlebars”

This is a clever way to keep AirTag out of sight. Above all, it is well-protected and concealed. You can either place the AirTag inside the handlebars themselves or wrap it in some tape and place it inside the grip.

“Seatpost-mounted reflector and AirTag holder”

Reflectors are a common sight on bicycles, so a thief might resist the idea of looking for the AirTag hidden inside it. This clever seatpost-mounted reflector is inexpensive and stealthy.

“Inside the Bike Bell”

Thanks to a handy accessory callled Airbell, you can hide the AirTag inside the bike bell where no can suspect it even when searching for one because it just looks like a normal bell.

Ingeniously mount your AirTag on your bike: YouTube


What type of bike is best for attaching an AirTag?

Bike with a metal frame is best for attaching an AirTag to it.

How long does it take to attach an AirTag to a bike?

It takes less than five minutes to attaching an AirTag to a bike.

Are there any safety precautions to consider when attaching an AirTag to a bike?

Make sure that the AirTag is securely attached to the bike and that it is not in a position where it can be easily removed or damaged. Also make sure that the AirTag is not in a place where it could interfere with the bike’s operation or cause a safety hazard.

Are there any special instructions for attaching an AirTag to a particular type of bike?

For example, if you are attaching an AirTag to a mountain bike, you should use a strong cable lock to secure the AirTag item tracker to the frame of the bike. If for instance, you are attaching an AirTag to a road bike, you should use a rubber band or zip tie to secure the AirTag to the frame.

These are the three best ways to hide an AirTag on your bike: YouTube