Forget the Cool Factor for Now And Embrace the Cons of Apple AirTag

Here's what you are prone to when using a Bluetooth tracker like Apple AirTag

At this moment, it feels like an absolute dishonor for me to talk about the cons of Apple AirTag after experiencing its cool factor and not thinking of any item to put it on.

But, I must spill it out to help you make a better decision. Well, again the $30 AirTags are a shiny, geeky object du jour that is a godsend for those who have a knack for losing items.

So, as of now, forget the cool factor and embrace the cons of Apple AirTag. In other words, they are going to be unsatisfying in some areas. With pure utility in mind, here are four things I hate about Apple’s AirTags.

#1 – AirTags have no hole in them to easily affix them 😿

Admitting the relief we get from AirTag, it can be worrisome to attach them to someting. It is missing the much-needed hole to easily affix them. This can make AirTag Bluetooth tracker less of a good buy when you realize that it costs a lot more when you buy a holder.

For example, Apple sells its own AirTag holder for $29 – the same price as a single AirTag – and going up to an astonishing $449 for a holder designed by Hermes. Quite luckily, Apple also sells a rudimentary Belkin holder for $13. However, there are a growing universe of third-party holders for much less on

#2 – These things are Stalkerriffic 😰

I have to be honest with you here. Apple AirTag is frighteningly efficient at stalking. To be fair, Apple has implemented some features to combat stalking. It now alerts iPhone users if someone has planted one of the trackers on them. You can alternatively disable the AirTag by removing the user-replaceable CR2032 battery.

Instead, after three days, the AirTag will begin chirping. Apple should consider implementing some kind of standards-based warning system, to warn someone if an AirTag has been placed on their person.

#3 – No Cross-Platform Support 📱

Its eminent that Apple ecosystem is all about locking users in. But, AirTags are a super-useful Bluetooth tracking gadget that could also benefit Android lovers if Apple would’ve offered a basic AirTag app for Android users. It could expand the market even if it can’t offer killer features like Precision Finding because Android devices lack the Ultrawideband chip. I think it would give Android users a chance to explore the magical possibilities of AirTag and maybe make some converts.

#4 – Does Not Work With Older iOS Version 👴

Well I don’t know if I hate AirTag for this or not but, its doesn’t work with iPhones or iPads running iOS or iPadOS below version 14.5. However, it’s generous of Apple to provide operating system updates and support to devices as old as the iPhone 8.

#5 – Only One Form Factor 😏

Most people leave their wallets on a restaurant table, or don’t realize dropping it out of their pocket on the street. An AirTag’s shape doesn’t lend itself to placement in a wallet or any flat object. It’s round, circular about the side of a quarter and bulges at the center.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not the type of person who loses things often, but I am semi-paranoid about leaving my wallet on a restaurant table, or having it lifted out of my pocket on the street. An AirTag’s shape doesn’t lend itself to placement in a wallet, or any flat object. It’s round, about the side of a quarter, and bulges at the center.

Tile on the other hand, offer a credit-card shaped version of their tracker that would easily fit in a wallet or other thin object. Apple may do this sometime, but it’s an obvious need as of now and I’m surprised that they didn’t offer it out of the gate.

Joe Warne
Joe Warne
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