[POV] AirTag in Checked Luggage: What is the Experience Like?

Apple AirTag is the only reassurance we have when our luggage goes missing

I pardon not experiencing “AirTag in carry-on luggage” myself but I have scoured through the Internet and read every story people have shared online. In fact, I have read a few tales on MacRumors as well as other online publications. So, in this specific article, I am going to briefly go over a few of the threads, different but interesting experiences of people sharing their moments. Are you excited? 🤩

AirTags on Flights? A Wise Move or a Silly Act? [What I Think]

It’s better to do yourself a favor and track your own luggage. Sure, AirTags can’t magically bring your bags back or provide any guarantees that your airline will rescue them for you. But they can provide valuable information when automated, faceless systems fail you.

No matter how good your travel insurance is about providing compensation, the loss can be distressing and inconvenient. Knowing your personal belongings could be anywhere in the world, and are probably lying carelessly discarded on an airport floor can leave you feeling powerless. Therefore, AirTag-mounted luggage is a key to happy flying.

Even though I haven’t used one during the travel, I had honestly kinda expected it to be a one-size-fits-all kind of experience, where the AirTags would all behave similarly when in checked luggage. So, I’m curious to see what other people have got to share!

#1 – Good But Not Great

I normally tuck it away inside the suitcase, all hidden. It tracks it just fine with having no issues. I’m sure you can monitor the location throughout the flight as long it’s connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The connection may not be that stable and may not be that reliable until the connections pick up.

Source: TheYayAreaLiving 🎗️, from MacRumors

Couple of issues with this

A user puts an AirTag inside his checked luggage. He occasionaly opens Find My to see what’s going on. The ‘Last Seen’ location was pretty much where he dropped it off. He didn’t see it again until it was time to board the plane. Even then, it looked like it was on the plane at the next gate over.

He proposes two reasons for this: 1) Probably not many people, if at all, down there for the tag to ping off of. 2) Even if there were people with iPhones down there, their phones probably didn’t have a GPS signal. He couldn’t see the AirTag during the flight, which he expected. The location didn’t update again until it came out on the baggage carousel to be picked up.

Source: iStorm 65816, from MacRumors

Not that Bad

Put up an AirTag in checked luggae on a recent trip to England. As others have stated, once it goes underground and into whatever sorting system is used, it’ll drop off the map. But it always showed up right as we were about to board our flight, so it was good for peace of mind.

Source: Toby Ziegler, from MacRumors

Helpful to some extent

Used them on my recent trip to Germany. Still tracking my suitcase that was late leaving home and is still showing at FRA. Useful to show the airline where it is. Somewhat accurate at the airport as it is dependent on being in the proximity of an iPhone that has signal.

Source: AsherN, from MacRumors

Useful for a trip

I just came back from a trip. Brought my Pelican Travel check-in luggage with an AirTag inside. I was hesitant to see if it would pick up a signal through the plastic case, but it did. I was able to track it at the airport and airplane then through the carousel.

Source: LeonPro, from MacRumors

AirTag gives me a peace of mind

Just got back from Disney world with the family. I used two airtags for our two checked bags. the AirTags didn’t update super often, but I was able to check if they were on the plane before we left, and I was able to check if they were in the airport when we landed. Don‘t expect constant surveillance, but for piece of mind they worked great.

Source: rillrill, from MacRumors

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