How do I Share My AirTag Location With Family

Now, the friends and family you chose can track the AirTag-tagged item at the same time!

Apple’s Bluetooth item trackers got more useful with iOS 17 announcement at the 2023 WWDC. iOS 17 introduced a much-requested AirTag feature, the option to share an AirTag and other Find My objects with up to five other people.

Earlier, AirTags were owned and used by a single person. Now, when you share an AirTag with your friend or family, your AirTag will no longer send up warnings about an unknown AirTag when the person who doesn’t own the AirTag is using the car.

You can invite anyone to see an AirTag and remove the person at any time as well, so temporary sharing is possible.

This also means that a person who has access to an item or an AirTag can track it and play a sound.

So, let’s see how to share the AirTag location with family members.

How to share an AirTag with another person on iOS and iPadOS 17

To share an AirTag with another user, follow the steps we’ve listed below.

  • Launch the Find My app
  • Go to the items tab and tap on the AirTag you’d like to share
  • Tap on the Add Person button
  • Click the Continue button
  • Tap a contact’s name and hit the Send button after selecting one. Shared member and you can both view the AirTag’s location at the same time
  • To revoke someone’s AirTag access, tap their name in the Share This AirTag section, and click the Remove button
  • Confirm by tapping the Stop Sharing button
  • The other person will no longer be able to view the AirTag’s location. They will be notified if the AirTag is being used to track them

That’s all there is to it. It’s super easy to share the AirTag location with multiple people. It is a better deal for those who leave an AirTag in their pet’s collar, bike, or luggage.

Is sharing AirTag with family members a better deal?

Yes, it is. Prior to iOS and iPadOS 17, families sharing an AirTag would get tracking notifications when the owner of the AirTag wasn’t around.

Members had no way to view its location without asking the owner to manually check.

When you share an AirTag with your friends or family, those living in the same household can finally mute unwanted tracking notifications caused by a tagged item that several members take responsibility for.