How to Find An AirTag That Is Tracking You

Apple's new tracking device issues alerts if there's potential misuse. Here's how to know if an AirTag is shadowing you.

If you’re worried that one of Apple’s trackers is following you without consent, will you let that stalker continue?

Absolutely Fricking Not! You’re going to go wild! 😠

Apple has clearly stated that AirTags are designed to help you find frequently lost items–not people.

But reports of AirTag Bluetooth item tracker being used to track people without their consent cast a shadow on its effectiveness as the best item tracker on the planet.

To curb the AirTag stalking, Apple made significant changes to it, with disclosures to AirTag owners reiterating that these trackers are only for tracking their belongings and never for unwanted tracking of others. Apple also added a feature for people to detect when an AirTag has been detected to be moving with them.

How to know if an AirTag is tracking you

You may receive an alert on your iPhone

If your iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or newer, you should receive a push alert whenever an unknown AirTag is nearby for an extended period of time and away from its owner.

An unwanted AirTag item tracker could also alert you of an “AirTag found moving with you” if your iPhone is awake or the Apple tracker emits a sound when moved.

This can also happen with other Find My network accessories, like AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max. These items will all play a sound when they’re moved while separated from their owners.

Check that your Tracking Notifications are on

You should also turn on the Bluetooth and check your iPhone’s settings to ensure they’ll receive notifications. Under Settings, go to Privacy & Security, and toggle Location Services on. Scroll to the bottom of that page, tap on System Services, and activate Find My iPhone. Also, search for the Find My app, visit Me in the bottom right corner, then tap Customize Tracking Notifications to double-check that notifications are enabled.

Play a sound on AirTag

If you’re checking the Find My app after being alerted that an AirTag was traveling with you, you can tap Play Sound on the device to find it more easily. If your iPhone runs iOS 16.2 or later, you might be able to use Precision location data to find the hidden device.

What if I Find One? How Can I Get Rid Of It? (Plz, Help) 💁‍♂️

The best way to disable an AirTag is to remove the battery. Press down on the logo and turn counterclockwise. Now you will be able to remove the cover and pop out that battery. This will disable the AirTag and its owner won’t be able to see any tracking information. It’s worth noting that the owner won’t get a notification that the AirTag was disabled.

The Find My network connects different iPhones and Apple devices to AirTags, in order to track their location. Unless you remove the battery, an AirTag can continue tracking you because of the Find My network and the many iPhones there are on Earth.

Can Anyone Track My Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTags are designed to frequently change their unique Bluetooth identifiers, and the Find My network, which makes it possible for users to track AirTags miles beyond Bluetooth range.

Though someone else won’t be able to track your AirTag, they can hear it if it’s separated from you and moving. If in lost mode, they can see any contact information about you.