Awesome AirTag Lost and Found Success Story – (by a Redditor)

At least, this lil buddy can show some hope!

Want to know, “What are the success stories of AirTags?”

Here’s the one I just studied on Reddit.

So, I decided to share it with you.

It is a short and kinda happy ending story!

Awesome Success Story of AirTag

Three days back, writing this post, the user”netscorer1” on Reddit posted his AirTag success story that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

Netscorer1 went on a little trip to work and needed to fill gas on his way. He had with himself AirPods Pro 2 in its AirTag case.

While at the gas station, for gas to be pumped, he decided to clean some trash that accumulated in his car (empty water bottles, some napkins, and small stuff like that).

He quickly grabbed the trash and crumpled it into a small plastic bag and threw it into the trash can.

Leaving the gas station, Netscorer1 got a prompt that he left his AirPods Pro 2 behind.

At first, he didn’t pay attention to it.

However, at the end of the day, he remembered that he left his AirPods in the car where he could not find them.

Later on, he pulled out his iPhone to locate them by playing AirTag beep/sound.

Turned out, that the Find My app displayed his AirPods some 20 miles from his car back at the gas station where he was pumping the gas.

That’s when he realized that he probably swept his AirPods along with the trash in the bag that is (fortunately) still in the trash can at the station.

And, there it was. His AirPods Pro 2 was waiting to reunite with him.

Well, he was lucky enough that the trash can was not emptied yet by the attendant.

He was also fortunate and blessed that no nasty trash was inside at that moment.

So, he did not even get his hands dirty.

This awesome successful AirTag story suggests that any other lost item would probably be lost forever, but hey, not the $29 Apple AirTag Bluetooth tracker!


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