[FAQ] Do AirTags have a monthly fee?

Apple AirTags makes it easy to track your items with a one-time payment of $29!

Apple’s $30 AirTag is a sleek and delightful way to track your lost devices. Whether you buy a single AirTag or a pack of four (for $99), these Bluetooth item trackers are frighteningly well at locating things like luggage, bikes, wallet, backpacks and nearly everything, your waterproof AirTag is attached to.

Since the AirTag Bluetooth key finder is the most affordable tracking gadget, it’s fair to assume that Apple may slap a monthly fee on the AirTag to make full use of the tracking device. Turns out, there is no Apple Airtag subscription cost whatsoever!

AirTag’s key competitor, Tile, does offer a range of subscription services (Tile Premium, Tile Premium Protect) for its products. For example, the Tile Premium is $2.99/mo and $8.33/mo and offers features and services like smart alerts, and 30-Day Location History. Apple, however, unlocks the full potential of its tracking device with a one-time payment of the retail price. All you need is an iOS device with the Find My app installed.

Why doesn’t Apple include a monthly subscription service for AirTags?

After you buy the AirTag, you might ask yourself, “Does Apple make you pay a subscription fee to use it”. As explained, Apple’s AirTags do not have a monthly fee or a subscription and the company has no current plans to add one. The only payment you need to make is $29, its retail price.

I think Apple views its item tracker as an accessory that you can add to your collection and that it wants to drive its competitors out of the market by not considering a monthly subscription.

Are there other costs associated with Apple AirTags?

The only cost that’s associated with AirTag is its battery that you need to replace every year. But, AirTag without any accessory or add-on does not make you feel complete. We have rounded the best Apple AirTag accessories like key rings, bag tags, holders and covers etc to help you carry your Airtag confidently with style and glamour.

How Much Does an Apple Air Tag Battery Cost?

A pack of six CR2032 batteries will likely cost you between $6 and $8, which isn’t a substantial amount of money to spend on a yearly basis.


So, the Apple Airtags Bluetooth tracker cost only a one-time fee with no monthly charges associated with them. Plus, there is currently no paywall for premium features like precision finding and lost mode when you use Find My on iPhone.

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