How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple In 2023

How do you write a perfect sales copy?

In fact, we are looking for a seductive sales copy like Apple or (copywriting that sells).

A persuasive sales copy is:

  • Seductive
  • Irresistible
  • Luxurious

Now, if you dream to write a word for selling, you need to harness the power of tiny words.

I am sharing the world’s most powerfulmost potent, and most lethal copywriting weapon that Apple uses to write a seductive website sales copy.

I call it Micro-copywriting!

And, Apple is so buttery smooth at producing a powerful sales copy.

Here’s how you can deploy the same techniques to write a catchy copy that sells!

This one, the single most effective skill can help you fascinate, engage, and persuade your loyal customers to perform the desired action.

The best part?

It’s super simple to write like Apple.

This Is How Apple Writes A Great Marketing Copy That Sells Like Crazy!

Micro-copy is all about tiny words:

If you dream to write the best sales copy like Apple, embrace the use of tiny words.

These tiny words need to be:

  • Mystical
  • Magical
  • Divinely Smooth

Let’s see them in action:

Rhyme The Line

Apple copywriters use rhymes to make things memorable.

They do this in two majestic ways:

1. Perfect rhyme

This makes the two words sound exactly the same:

Here’s another example:

How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Fast – > Last!

Doesn’t it feel like a stroke of magic?

It does right.

It’s effortless.

It’s pure.

It’s original.

And, so subtle and satisfying to read.

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Yet, most copywriters can not fathom the beauty of copywriting.

They would have forced the words to like “Fast that Last” or direct rhyme, but the little character ‘s’ makes it just so effortless.

2. Imperfect rhyme

Here the rhyming sounds sound slightly different:

How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Another example:

How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Look how natural and subtle it all sounds.

Apple doesn’t force the rhyme in every line of copy.

Apple copywriters take time to fit the message so seamlessly that it gives the copy a slightly accidental feel.

Master the snowclone to Write a Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple


If you dream to write a powerful sales copy like Apple, you need to master the snowclone.

A snowclone is a newer form of copywriting that uses an existing phrase or sentence to create a new one.

The modified sentence generally uses the same sentence structure as the original and embraces different words instead.

This effect is used when you wish to write a persuasive sales copy.

If you use snowclone in your copy then it is considered a good sales copy example.

Here’s how it usually works:

We take an original, well-known phrase like:

To be or not to be

And, convert or clone them into something new, creative and persuasive like this:

To click or not to click.

Here Apple copywriters fill in the blanks with words that match their cause.


Be Playful In The Right Way

How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Apple never made us feel like a trillion-dollar company is talking to us.

As the company matures, it keeps that youthful persona.

Do you feel how OMGGGGG feels so refreshing, conversational, and playful?

Harness the Power of Repetition

Apple reiterates the words to emphasize features to make them remember.

Here’s an example:

Pro cameras. Pro display. Pro performance.

Most copywriters would repeat words.

That does not stir up excitement.

Repeat patterns instead.

And not just words.

Patterns are remembered.

That’s how we learn and recall things.

However, it’s not about repeating words like Prosper. Prosper. Prosper.

Let me show you by example how Apple blasts off the magic!


Look at Apple.

They make it so subtle, smooth, and easy to read, almost surreal.

The brilliant use of hyphens and rhythms uplifts and magnifies the idea portrayed.

It’s an impressive tone of profound excellence. 

Here’s another example from which we can learn to write a seductive sales copy like Apple.


Look how impressively Apple repeats the word “Always”.

Now, it doesn’t look overwhelmed, too forced, or overly emphasized.

But, it seems like a natural, light, and happy accident because the first word is naturally hyphenated.

Surprise Readers With Contradictions

Contrast a big idea with a bigger and it will be noticed.

Mega Power. Mini Sized

Many Apps. Mini Magic.


Notice how Apple makes statements with adjectives that oppose one another and wordplay.

And here’s my favourite copywriting example:


I love the way Apple compares big with bigger.

See the magic coming through its visuals.

Less text with creative visuals.

That’s how we write a product copy that sells.

Don’t Sell Multiple Ideas

Focus on one idea

How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Here Apple knows more doesn’t always work.

Instead, Apple draws all the attention and awareness to one big idea.

Less bezel is portrayed as having more screen which is one solid big idea with a benefit.

Write one sentence with two meanings

Apple often writes one sentence that can deliver two intertwined messages.

Elevate your work. And rotate it, too.

With Pro display XDR and Pro Stand, the screen can be elevated and rotated, which can help the users to create great work, hence elevating your work.

Studio quality mics. For high quality conversations.

The new iMac will deliver loud, crisp, clear voices for your important conversations—high-quality sound for quality moments.

Use Analogies to describe Product Qualities

Ideas that are hard to sell or difficult to infiltrate need analogies or little stories to make them known.

For instance:

iPhone is made with a level of precision you’d expect from a finely crafted watch – not a smartphone.

The quality of FaceTime video calls is so surprising, it’s as if you’re in the same room with whoever’s on the other end.

Here’s a copywriting tip we learn from this:

Quality is abstract. Therefore, we use analogies to explain the product quality. Then, we link the quality of our product to something our audience knows already.

Perform Product Comparison Within a Similar Lineup

This is also an example of a selling product description.

Here’s why it is important.

Suppose you have the latest iPhone and then Apple releases another one the next year.

So, people will wonder: do I really need to replace my last year’s iPhone with this year’s instead?

Let’s have a look at how Apple copywriters use product comparisons to persuade you to upgrade:

65% larger sensor than iPhone 13 Pro31% smaller TrueDepth camera system, and 2.5x better low‑light photo.

Here’s a copywriting tip we learn:

Each comparison includes a number: 65% larger sensor, 31% greater, and 2.5% better. The figures enhance credibility and give you the impression that the newest iPhone is quite different from the previous one.

So, you should compare a new product with an old model. Include all the reasons why your new model is better. Try using exact figures to underline the differences and you’ll fly high.

Copywriting Works If We Want It To

The best microcopy doesn’t feel like marketing.

  • It feels kind
  • It feels natural
  • It feels empathetic

If we dream to write a seductive sales copy like Apple or copywriting that sells, then we need to:

  • Forget about the spammy sales words
  • Forget about the bullsh*t countdown timers
  • Forget about the slimy and cheap marketing

What to do instead to write the best sales copy ever written.

Use tiny words instead.

But not just any tiny words.

Use tiny words that move people.

Use words that are:

  • Seductive
  • Irresistible
  • Luxurious

So, My Dear Readers. What Do We Learn From Trillion-Dollar Copy?

We learn that Apple doesn’t try to sell.

Instead, it neurologically hooks its customers.

It uses a strong psychological and emotional response.

A response that operates on a subconscious level for the consumer in a way that is typically not readily understood nor necessarily recognized by the consumer, according to Forbes

Instead, Apple makes you the princehero, and superman of your story.

  • Line by line, Apple sparks excitement.
  • Line by line, Apple sparks magic.
  • Line by line, Apple sparks joy.

“Tiny Sparks. Small Flames. Giant Fires

How Do I Write A Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple
Indeed, you’ll see the incremental changes in the most effective way

Some Key Takeaways

If you want to write a seamless and seductive sales copy like Apple, here are a few points to remember.

If you try to grip even one of them, you’ll be far better than you were ever before.

Remember, do not aim for perfection.

Instead, aim for progression.

  • Aim to get better by 1%
  • Aim to get better by at least one key aspect.
  • Aim to get better at expressing yourself in the most subtle way.
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