AirTag Beeping or Making Random Noises Might Mean Something

Get To Know AirTag Sounds

The disc-shaped tracking gadget, named Apple AirTag chirps and chirrs to draw attention to itself. If your Apple AirTag location tracker is beeping or making random noises, you should know what these airtag beeps mean.

In fact, an airtag randomly making noise might mean something meaningful, for example, the tiny Bluetooth key finder could be tracking you. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple AirTag beeps and when these key finders make noise.

Why Would An AirTag Make Noise? Why Your AirTag could be Chirping?

Apple key finder lets you easily track your keys, wallet, purse, lost luggage, and more. But, if you get an alert or if your AirTag starts randomly making noises, then there are subtle reasons why this could be so:

  • Unwanted Tracking

Apple AirTags are meant to start beeping when they’ve been separated from their paired iPhones for a certain period of time, which Apple says is between eight and 24 hours. If any AirTag, AirPods, or other Find My network accessory separated from its owner is seen moving with you over time, you’ll be notified in one of two ways. These features were created specifically to discourage people from trying to track you without your knowledge.

  • The AirTag is signalling a lost item

Your AirTag could be beeping to help you find a lost item. The random noise that you hear is a way to alert the owner to hold their iPhone to the AirTag to locate the lost item and reunite you with your lost luggage

Quite possibly, you would’ve accidentally triggered lost mode on your AirTag. If you hear your AirTag making noise and you are not quite sure why check the Find My app on your iOS device. You might see that you enabled tracking by mistake. Make sure to disable it. 

  • The AirTag is ready to be set up

One AirTag chime plays when an AirTag is ready to be set up. This beep is associated with AirTags during setup

  • The AirTag Setup is complete

The final chime associated with AirTag is heard when the setup is complete. If you’ve bought a pack of four AirTags, these are some random noises you might hear. 

Do AirTags make noise when battery is low

If your AirTag is beeping or making random noises, you should know what the cool status tones mean. It is also seen that these wireless item trackers emit sounds when you set them up, locate them using the Find My app, as well as when the battery is low and more.

Do AirTags warn when the battery is low?

You will get a notification on your iPhone when its battery gets low. Your AirTag typically works for several months after you receive the Low Battery notification. 

Do AirTags beep in the luggage?

Well, it does beep in the luggage because these Bluetooth low-energy item trackers send encrypted signals to any nearby iPhones and iPads. It is, however, not super helpful when your AirTags are tucked inside a suitcase at a super busy airport. Still, Apple AirTag is the best key finder to give you directions to a lost item. It is also considered a good way to relieve travel stress. 

Does AirTag Make Noise When in Lost Mode?

AirTags will beep you when it gets separated for a period of time. If you find an AirTag after hearing it make a sound, you can use any device that has NFC (near-field communication), such as an iPhone or Android phone, to see if its owner marked it as lost and if you can help return it. 

What happens when you put your AirTag in lost mode?

When you put your AirTag in lost mode, you add a message saying that the item is lost and include your phone number or email address. If someone else finds your lost item, they can use a supported device to see a website with the Lost Mode message. 

How do you tell if you are being tracked by AirTag?

Use Apple’s Find My app to manually scan for AirTags near you using the “Items That Can Track Me” Option in the Items tab. If you have an Android phone, you can track an unknown AirTag moving with you using the Tracker Detect app. 

How can I be notified if AirTag is tracking me?

If you feel that someone is using a Bluetooth location tracker to track you, your iPhone will notify you when an unknown AirTag is travelling with you. Once you tap the notification, the map will show you when the unknown AirTag was first detected travelling with you.

Does AirTag automatically play sounds?

Like other best key finders, Apple AirTags beep or make random noises when it is within Bluetooth range. If you want to stop playing these random noises before it ends automatically, tap Stop Sound.