iPhone 14 Pro Max Suffers from Mysterious Horizontal Line Issue

If you have noticed that your iPhone 14 displays horizontal lines across the screen when it wakes up from sleep or when it is turned on, you can relax because according to Apple, this is not a hardware problem. This issue seems to mainly affect the iPhone 14 Pro Max and is believed to be caused by a software issue. Therefore, it should be resolved with a future iOS update.

There have been numerous reports of this issue on Reddit and other online platforms from a significant number of individuals. The horizontal lines that appear on the screen seem to vary in both number and color.

According to reports on Reddit and other platforms, individuals who have taken their phones to an Apple Store for diagnostics have been told that the issue is not related to hardware problems, but rather an iOS glitch. Both the original poster and other affected individuals have received this information from Apple:

Apple support asked to DM and they run tests by taking serial number [to run remote tests] and confirmed its not an hardware issue

Although some people suspected that the problem may be related to a bug in iOS 16.2, others have reported experiencing the issue on other versions of iOS 16.

So far all you need to do is wait for the next iOS update as Apple said it’s not a hardware problem.

So, just Waaaiiitttt!!

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