Do AirTags need to be charged?

You do not have to charge an AirTag

Apple AirTags is an impressive, smart, and capable Bluetooth item tracker. The Bluetooth low-energy key finder is a capable tracking tag that has been lauded for its accuracy for those in Apple’s ecosystem. However, you might ask yourself if you need to charge these little button-sized item trackers or how often airtags need to be charged.

Do Apple AirTags Need to Be Charged? Will AirTags Need to Charged?

You do not have to charge Apple AirTags item locators. Apple has proposedly designed your AirTags with user-replaceable CR2032 batteries. Hence, your Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker need not be charged. The Apple AirTag battery will die and you will need to buy new batteries and swap out the old ones.

So, if you’re wondering “do I need to charge my AirTag or how often do airtags need to be charged”, then it’s simply a matter of changing batteries. Nothing more!

Beat Curiosity “CR2032 batteries are the most common battery coin providing long-lasting, reliable power for various devices. They are used to power small electronic devices such as calculators, wristwatches, various medical devices, fitness appliances, toys, etc.

How long does AirTag battery last?

Apple claims that the AirTag’s battery life should last about one year.

Do AirTags tell you when battery is low?

When your AirTag battery is very low, a notification appears on your iPhone:

Yes! When your AirTag battery is very low, a notification appears on your iPhone. Here’s how you can tell when battery is low:

  1. Open the Find My app
  2. Tap the Items tab
  3. Tap the AirTag whose battery charge you want to check
  4. If the charge is very low, Low Battery appears under the name of your AirTag

Is An AirTag Battery Rechargeable? How often do I need to charge my AirTag?

An AirTag battery isn’t rechargeable. The absence of a charging port means your only option is to replace the battery when it dies. There is absolutely no need or way to charge an AirTag because Apple designed them with user-replaceable CR2032 batteries

How To Change The Battery On An AirTag – Replace the battery in an AirTag

How To Change The Battery On An AirTag

Now question that “Does the AirTag need to be charged” is answered, we need to figure out how to change the battery on an AirTag or replace the AirTag once it loses its cool.

Here’s how you can change the battery of your Bluetooth attachment locator

  • Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag and rotate counterclockwise until the cover stops rotating
  • Remove the cover and battery
  • Insert a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery (available at most electronic and drug stores) with the positive side facing up. You’ll hear a sound indicating that the battery is connected
  • Replace the cover, making sure that the three tabs on the cover align with the three slots on the AirTag
  • Rotate the cover clockwise until it stops

Warning: CR2032 batteries with bitterant coatings might not work with AirTag or other battery-powered products, depending on the alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts.

What is a bitterant coating on a CR2032?

Bitterant is a chemical used to make things taste and smell bitter and found on some small batteries like a CR2032

Final Thoughts On Do AirTags Require Charging

So, in conclusion. Do you have to charge AirTags or do airtags ever need to be charged? No, you do not. An AirTag’s battery life doesn’t last forever. However, it will last about one year from the time of activation.

Unlike other Apple products, an AirTag’s battery can’t be charged or ever need to be charged. It only requires battery replacement which is a simple and easy process.

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