[FAQ] What is Apple AirTag used for?

Apple AirTag is used to find your lost items quickly. It’s quite a hack!

What exactly is the purpose of Apple AirTag? What is it used for? If it’s practical in every way, then what should I use it on? If these questions haunt you, the we have the answers to your burning questions.

Lose your knack for losing things

What is Apple AirTag used for?

  • Keep track of your stuff
  • Track down your Apple devices and keep up with friends and family
  • When you left something far behind the Find My network helps track down your AirTag
  • Designed to protect your privacy every step of the way
  • AirTag put into Lost Mode will automatically give you a notification when it gets detected by a device in the network
  • AirTag is designed to discourage unwanted tracking
  • AirTag triggers an alert when it is separated from its owner

What should I use AirTag on?

We’ve designed a list of 15 Unique, Interesting & Ingenious Places to put your Apple AirTags. This list will help you find the perfect spot for your AirTag.

Can you use AirTag to track someone?

Apple AirTag became a gift to stalkers
Apple AirTag has been notoriously used to stalk people, shows findings

In a nutshell, AirTags have been notoriously used to stalk people. Hence, these Bluetooth tracking devices should not be used to track people or property that does not belong to you.

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