I’m going to buy iPhone 14 Plus. Should you?

iPhone 14 Plus launched today, 7 Oct in Apple stores. It has been quite some time since the release of normal-sized iPhone 14 and Pro models and many people have already made a switch from the older iPhones.

In this article, we will answer that was it worth the extra wait for anyone who hasn’t made the switch or if is it just another iPhone for Apple to get some extra cash.

The Basics

The headline feature of the iPhone 14 Plus is the 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display. It is also obvious from the name and that’s its whole selling point. If you’re in the market for an iPhone with a huge screen and don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you have got yourself the new iPhone 14 Plus.

The iPhone 14 Plus in gorgeous midnight color

The rest is the same copy-paste of the iPhone 14:

  • Same trusted A15 bionic from iPhone 14 and, surprisingly, from iPhone 13
  • Same 12 MP wide and ultrawide rear camera
  • Improved true-depth front camera with autofocus just like iPhone 14

But, the only difference other than the screen is an almost 30% increase in battery capacity as compared to the smaller iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 has a capacity of 3279 mAh while the iPhone 14 Plus and plus sized a 4323 mAh battery. This one is necessary for the bigger screen but it also gives users the benefit of longer standby, calls, and other features.

Even in promotional videos, Apple is not pretending that iPhone 14 Plus is totally different than the base model iPhone 14

Difference between iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Even Apple wants to be very clear about what they are offering with the iPhone 14 Plus model. One key same feature between iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max is they have the same 6.7-inch display size despite the 200 US dollar price difference. Many rumored that the name of the large-size phone (currently iPhone 14 Plus) would be “iPhone 14 Max” but that can be confused with “iPhone 14 Pro Max” giving users hope that it will borrow some more features from that phone.

But, in reality, the only thing it copied is the display size, not even the rest of the display specifications. It is the same 60Hz panel with the same 800 nits typical and 1200 nits peak brightness. While the other big-sized iPhone 14 Pro Max has a way brighter 2000nits max display and 120 Hz ProMotion. That’s probably the reason Apple strayed away from ‘Max‘ branding.

Should You buy iPhone 14 Plus?

  • Bought a Pro Max iPhone last time
    Anyone who was buying the Pro Max models just for a bigger screen or doesn’t care about high refresh, ultrabright display, Apple has given you the chance. Don’t miss it as the ‘mini-series did with poor sales. The mini-series only see the day of light for 2 years with the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 12 mini before going dark. Show Apple with the vote of your pocket that you love a bigger size phone without all the pro features.
  • Need better battery life
    Not satisfied with the base model iPhone’s battery life? Or even if you’re good with the base model battery life and don’t have an issue spending 100 US dollars more, I would highly recommend iPhone 14 Plus. Not only it would be better for day-to-day usage in terms of battery life. But, when inevitability, the battery health of the iPhone would decrease after 1-2 years of usage, you would still be able to get a good amount of usage out of a slightly worn-out battery.

Were you purchasing iPhone Pro Maxs just for the bigger screen or do you care about the Pro features and want them on the base models too? Or you’re just waiting for Apple to integrate USB-C before making the switch?

Let me know in the comments section.

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