Can I Connect An AirTag To Multiple Apple IDs

Can AirTag be tracked by multiple devices or connects to one Apple ID?

According to Apple Support Community, Apple’s Bluetooth tracking device can only be tracked by one Apple ID at a time. These personal tracking devices cannot be shared between different people like that. 

Can I Family Share AirTags? 

If you are not quite sure about sharing a quarter-sized Apple AirTag with family members, then we feel discouraged to tell you that Apple’s personal item trackers cannot be tracked by and shared with multiple family members

The AirTag is a tiny location-monitoring device that you can use for tracking personal belongings. But, AirTags that happen to appear in the Find My App, cannot be used to track the location of a family member’s AirTag.

AirTag and Family Sharing? Can I Add AirTag to Multiple Devices?

If you are curious to find out how to add AirTag to multiple devices and want to family-share airtags, then the only supported feature for family-sharing airtags is the ability to silence an “AirTag Detected” notification which appears after your iPhone discovers an Apple AirTag not registered to your account has been moving with you to prevent stalking and unwanted tracking.

Apple states, “ If the AirTag is attached to an item you’re borrowing, you can tap Pause Safety Alerts to turn off ‘AirTag Detected’ notifications for one day. If you’re borrowing an AirTag from a member of your Family Sharing group, you can turn off Safety Alerts for one day or indefinitely.

Can “Tile”, Android’s Best Tracking Device Be Paired With Multiple Devices

You can easily share the “Tile” Bluetooth tracking device with multiple devices. As long as the person you’re trying to share your Tile with has the app on their device and they have a Tile account, you can share your Tile with multiple devices. 

You can share each of your Tiles with one another via email address, or you can subscribe to Tile Premium or Premium Protect and share with unlimited people.

Sharing a Tile means you and someone you trust can update the Tile’s location, ring the Tile, look for its last known location on the map and ask to be notified when the Tile is found. 

Our Take

As of now, Apple does not support family-sharing AirTags. This means that you cannot connect AirTag to multiple Apple IDs. I’ve quite thoroughly, scrolled down through many commenters on Reddit asking about “Family Sharing AirTags and using it to pair with multiple IDs”. 

Can a Pack of 4 AirTags be used by different people?

If you buy all four AirTags, you can connect them to different items and add them to one Apple ID, provided it has not exceeded the maximum number of AirTags required.

The four AirTags are not linked. So, there is no limitation if you want to gift someone the rest of the AirTags.

Can 2 phones connect to the same AirTag?

Apple AirTag can be used on two phones if and only if you use the same Apple ID to log into both phones. Apple allows AirTags to be registered to one ID only.

What Could Be Done to Connect Apple AirTag To Multiple Devices?

A no-brainer solution for AirTag sharing via Family Sharing would be to permit the Bluetooth location-tracking device to everyone in your Family Sharing circle to locate and share your AirTag with another family member using a different Apple ID than yours.

A better solution to connect Apple AirTag to multiple devices is to let you pick the Family Sharing members to share AirTags with. This could improve transparency, trust, and level up security. In the case of a pack of four AirTags, Apple could let us do this on a per-AirTag basis. 

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