Threads 🧵 vs Twitter 🕊: (Feature Comparison ⚔)

As Threads is launched, the Instagram-Twitter war hots up. Who’ll Have The Last Laugh?

The announcement of Threads, Meta’s Instagram-Twitter hybrid, joined the crowded microblogging fray. The latest of Meta’s copycat innovation faces a long slog in its bid to squash a leading competitor’s app.

It resembles Twitter in its format, dynamics, and even name, — “threads” on Twitter are a series of connected tweets from one account. Not surprisingly, Meta has been open about challenging Musk’s Twitter, with Zuckerberg claiming that “hasn’t nailed it.”

Mark Zuckerberg has used Meta’s might to push Threads to a fast start and has amassed more than 100 million sign-ups, which has caught the attention of numerous companies, several digital marketing agencies and industry experts told CNBC.

While Threads is still a work in progress, it has sorted out its basic features, like profile verification, user name changes, a privacy policy, and more. There are several ways in which it adapts the Twitter features.

But, that doesn’t mean Threads is a Twitter replacement. There are quite a few differences that divide the two platforms. Let’s explore what distinctions exist between Threads and Twitter.

Threads vs. Twitter: What are the biggest differences?

Feature Instagram Threads 🧵Twitter 🕊
Character Limit500280 for unpaid users, 25,000 for paid subscribers
Multiple AccountsYesYes
VerificationFor now, only if you’re verified on Instagram$11 a month for mobile
Deleting AccountsYes, if associated Instagram account is deletedYes
Private Account OptionYesYes
Usage LimitsNoneTemporarily
Feed OptionsMain threadTrending, chronological, people who follow you
Editable PostsNoPaid subscribers only
Direct MessagesNoYes
Desktop OptionNoYes
AdsNo (for now)Yes
Android/iOS AppsBothBoth
NSFW Content AllowedNoNo
Here’s how specific features compare in Threads, Instagram, and Twitter.

You Need An Instagram Account to Sign up To Threads

You sign in to the Threads app using your Instagram credentials. That way, you can start threading or posting anything you want.

You’ll be asked whether you want to import your Instagram profile details and follow the same users you follow on Instagram.

Twitter on the other hand is not tied to any social media platform, so you sign up independently using the credentials of your choice.

Threads can’t do all that Twitter can—yet

Twitter has maintained a website, iOS, and Android app-based versions. This gives users the flexibility to access their accounts and feeds.

Threads is currently app-only, available to download from iOS and Android app stores.

Threads can’t do all that Twitter can—yet. The “text-based conversation” app is not available in the European Union.

Threads feed is inundated with a mix of accounts of people you follow and a slurry of posts selected by an algorithm. The feed’s order is algorithmic, not chronological.

Threads does not support the trending topics section and the search feature only brings up accounts, not specific topics or posts, which makes it initially less controversial. There are also no ads—yet.

Threads may boost Meta’s brand as Twitter’s reputation falters. This is a chance to capitalize on advertisers that have ditched Twitter.

Threads by Instagram does not include a paid verification scheme that unlocks additional functionality, unlike Twitter. Though, Instagram’s blue check will port over to the Threads account, which remains two of Meta’s top competitors for attention among younger generations.

Threads might never be Twitter—but it might be a friendlier place for public conversations.

Twitter and Threads both have a like button, comment tool, repost and quote function, and share options. You can reply to the original message, or reply directly to another comment, depending on how you’d like to connect to them.

The Activity tab lets you see who followed you, who liked your posts, your replies, and your tags. You can also view your replies directly on your profile page. Twitter has a similar notifications tab. You can see all your past likes through the dedicated Likes tab on your profile page.

Direct Messaging

Twitter has in-app messaging, while Threads does not. If you want to reach out to a Threads user, your best bet is to try their Instagram DMs.

Twitter lets you slide into their DMs and have a 1-on-1 private chat. You can share links, images, GIFs, and emojis apart from text messages in Twitter’s message box.

Threads can never be Twitter. But, it might be a friendlier place for public conversations. For now, the hype is all about the number of downloads, threading, and early excitement of the platform. But, it has to hold attention and omit errors to avoid being drowned in the Meta graveyard.

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